Friday, December 4, 2009

Beautiful Creatures Release Party

In all the excitement about reading the book and talking to Kami and Margie, Aly also went to the Beautiful Creatures release party.

On December 1st, I had an opportunity to participate in the Beautiful Creatures' Launch Party. It was held at Diesel's Bookstore, an indie bookstore in Santa Monica. I arrived early and had an opportunity to watch as the store was transformed with black tablecloths, lavendar tulle, and containers of lemon candy. There was an incredible team of family and friends who came out to help set up for the party and to be there for support.

When Kami and Margie arrived, it seemed as if they were like kids on Christmas day. Margie commented a couple of times that they didn't know if they were doing it "right". They joked about never having signed books before and that they would be happy to sign other people's books too. :-) As I looked around, I noticed that in addition to friends, family, and readers interested in Beautiful Creatures, there were several teen bloggers that I recognized from Twitter. It was fun to meet Khyrinthia, Senfaye, and Dream Reader in person.

Kami's two small children were bouncing with as much enthusiasm as their mother. The party flowed out of the store and into the courtyard. There was a table set up with champagne punch, a beautiful cake, and tiny little desserts. People gathered around socializing with people they knew and meeting new people. I chatted with some of the other bloggers and also with some of the book sellers and Librarians that I knew who were there.

Here's a beautiful shot of the cake.

I was also glad to see that Kami and Margi's fear about no one showing up was completely dispelled. The tiny bookstore was filled with supporters, and well-wishers, and a great testament to the community that Garcia and Stohl have created through their debut novel.

Thanks everyone for joining us in our past few posts while we discovered Beautiful Creatures! And now, for a little more fun stuff...


We've got swag from the party! If you want to get one of two sets of swag, leave a comment on this post including the following:

1. What Caster power you'd like to have and a brief explanation why you'd want it.
2. Your email address.

You have until Tuesday, December 15th to get your comments in. We'll choose the best two answers and email the winners by the end of next week!

We've been very excited about Beautiful Creatures. Thank you so much for joining us for the past few posts. Until next time, go read something good!


  1. My grandparents died because of lung cancer and it saddens me whenever I think of them. I want to have healing powers because with it, I can heal sickness and save lives of numerous individuals.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  2. I think it'll be great if I can read minds. Then I will know what others are thinking about.


  3. I suppose I would like to be a natural, I like how Lena's emotion's are expressed through the happenings around her, and the struggle she goes through to control it, and ultimately, herself.


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  5. I would like to read minds. I work in a library and hate not being able to help people because they are having trouble expressing what they are looking for, particularly when they need something related to health or government services. Helping people would be easier if you could tell what they actually need/want.

  6. I would be an Empath like Lena's grandmother.
    The ability to sense and (temporarily) borrow the powers of others would be an incredible gift. With that Caster power, one could assemble amazing teams to tackle the world's problems.

    jessica (dot) varin (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. That's tough. I think I'd go with the healing powers. You would never have to watch someone who's hurt & feel helpless. I hate knowing someone is sick & not being able to do anything about it.


  8. I would like to have Delhphine's power of being able to live in the past and present at the same time.
    How fascinating would it be to live in a time when things werent quite what they are today? I just find the whole idea absolutely delightful!

    I mean i could meet Shakespeare! ;)