Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Hush, Hush!

Here it is, folks! I have a couple of pictures from Becca's visit to Blue Willow Bookshop here in Houston.

She talked about her journey with Hush, Hush and then read from the book before answering questions from the audience.

After questions, it was time to sign books.

I now have a book signed and waiting to be given away as a blog-comment prize! All you have to do to get your chance is leave us a comment on this blog entry with your name and email address. You have until Wednesday, February 3rd to get your comments in, then I'll make a random choice to pick the winner!

Also be sure to check out the interview with Becca Fitzpatrick at the podcast.


  1. I was fortunate enough to read a ARC copy of Hush, Hush a few months ago and was just entranced with the book. It's amazing.
    Jenny Lynn Ferguson

  2. I recently read Hush, Hush (loved it), recommended it to a few kids, and it's now tearing through our student body like mad!

    I'm the librarian at Hillside JHS in Boise. You can follow us on twitter @HillsideLibrary.

    Gregory Taylor

  3. Huh, you'd think the crowd there would be a bit bigger - oh well - maybe you didn't snap a picture of the full scope. I'm nit-picking & just wondering. Never mind.

    But it's good to see the book getting well deserved loving. <33

    - Rachel Y.
    ( )

  4. I LOVE this book!!


  5. I'm dumbstruck.
    My daughter absolutely adores Hush, Hush. But then of course she devours every book that captures her eye, mostly one with wings (oh, lookie there!)
    I hope to be able to acquire that copy for her.
    She even managed to convince her friends to read it and they've never touched a decent book in their lives!

    Margaret Poh

  6. I am waiting for the local library to call and tell me it's my turn for HUSH HUSH. Looks like a very good read.

    Viki Sloboda

  7. Oh wow! I am DEFINITELY crossing fingers for this one!

    Nicole Hicks

  8. I am dying to read this book. The library has a long wait list...

  9. Oooh, I hope Becca gets the chance to visit Canada :)


  10. Thanks for the contest!


  11. I want to enter too! The book isn't out in Bulgaria yet, so I haven't read it yet :( but I'll do that soon. I'd be really happy if I won :)

    Darina Georgieva

  12. First of all Becca Looks Amazing..How lucky you are to have her at your bookstore..Still waiting in Vt..One day..Winning a copy,a signed copy of Hush,Hush ,how excited I would be,having read Hush,Hush.and Very anxiously awaiting "Cresendo",I would Surprise my Best Friend 4 her Bday..She and I started our own little Hush,Hush in Vt..all ages..Becca writes for all to enjoy.I am 45,my daughter 24,we even have 2 guy friends of my daughters,my Aunt who is way past YA..Whoever wins..Enjoy !!!

  13. i really wanted to go, but living in new york, i couldn't = [... i love this book and really want to re-read it.

  14. I really enjoyed Hush hush, although I was little suspicious when I first saw the title ;-)
    Pauline Z

  15. I thought that I wouldn't like Hush, Hush- but once I read it I was hooked! Plus it doesn't hurt that the cover is amazing! Love it!

    Kieran B.

  16. I adored Hush, Hush! :]

    Kayci R.

  17. Hello! I read Hush hush a few months ago and loved it. Once I picked the book up I didn't stop reading. Can hardly wait for Crecendo!

    Adriana Targa

  18. I can't wait to read Hush, Hush it looks really awesome!

  19. OMG!
    Becca is a cute person.. She's always with her readers!

    Nadgee Flores

  20. Sounds great.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  21. I love Hush, Hush! And Becca is such a nice person. She's really sweet to her fans. :D

    I can't wait for Crescendo to come out this year.

  22. This books is one of my top shelf books. It was a wonderful read and I'm lending it to my best friend tomorrow. If I had a signed copy I would give her mine.

  23. I have heard so many great things about this book. I really want to read it, plus it would help with my quest to find books for the Angels & Demons 2010 Challenge I am participating in. :D


    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  24. I have been seeing this reviewed all over the blogosphere and certainly would love to read it. Thanks for this opportunity to get it for free!

  25. I'm dying to read this!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  26. I would absolutely love to be entered!

    :) Erica

  27. I've been reading reviews of Hush, Hush all over the place recently & I really look forward to reading it myself. Thank you for hosting this contest! :)


  28. I've always wanted to go to an author signing....Lucky :-D
    Great pics!