Monday, February 1, 2010

Middle Grade Mondays: Gamer's Quest

Gamer's Quest, by George Ivanoff

Publisher: Ford Street Publishing
Pages: 172
Reading Level: 9-12
Enjoyment Level: Medium

I’m still not sure how I feel about this book, even after writing the review. It was sent to me as a review request and it took me some time to get through it.

The story is about Tark and Zyra, who are thieves in a world of magic, technology, and a very strict caste system. The two embark on a journey to Designer’s Paradise, hoping to get away from their mundane lives, but instead, they get trapped in a chain of events that changes their world.

Although I try not to start off negative in my reviews, I'm going to with this one because it was a major issue with the book... I absolutely hated the way the author wrote the dialogue for Tark and Zyra. It was terribly distracting and made the two characters sound way more ignorant than they really were. The bad grammar was over-the-top and unnecessary. I couldn’t read very much at a time because the dialogue was so frustrating, which is the reason it took so long to get through.

That being said, the story was interesting. I did feel like it was stifled a little, both from the dialogue and from the length of the book. It might’ve been due to the beginning taking so long to lead up to the real adventure. After finishing the book, I think the lead-up too that long because it was supposed to show how Tark and Zyra lived, but the story did drag and I wished that the adventure part could’ve been a bit longer.

Anyone who picks up a copy of the story will know right off that these characters are in a game world. With that, I worried it would leave off like an awful story where we find out at the end that it was all a dream and pretty much pointless. However, the ending of Gamer’s Quest wrapped up the plot without making me want to roll my eyes and curse my wasted reading time. It was definitely one of the positives I got from this.

And despite the horrible dialogue through most of it, Gamer’s Quest is imaginative and some kids may find it fun because it’s set in a game world. I would recommend this with a few reservations just because you might find the characters’ grammar distracting. I would not recommend attempting to read this out loud in a classroom, but, for teachers, this could be a good one to use for students who like to game.

Until next time, go read something good!

~ Vilate

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