Friday, June 4, 2010

Fantasy Friday: Magic Under Glass

Magic Under Glass, by Jaclyn Dolamore

Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 240
Reading Level: 14 and up

Magic Under Glass is the most enchanting novel I have read in quite awhile.

The story centers on Nimira, a foreign girl hired by a sorcerer to sing with a piano-playing automaton. Rumors that the automaton is haunted are not enough to frighten her away from this new, wealthy, and comfortable existence. But there is some truth to the rumors. The automaton is inhabited by Erris, a gentle fairy spirit. Soon Nimira is caught up in the politics of the sorcerer's world trying to save poor Erris before the automaton is destroyed.

I have to say, it was very difficult to summarize this book. Every summary I saw prior to reading the book, only confused me. They didn't do much to make me interested in acquiring the novel, either. However, this story was definitely worth the read. I was sucked into Nimira's world immediately.

For me, the best aspect of this novel was the world-building, which was so organic, I didn't even take notice of it. The characters were well-drawn and likeable, with the appropriate exceptions. Little details were revealed along the way, making the whole experience feel very complete. Everything from geographical locations, to politics, to traditional customs were explored in the novel. I also appreciated that Nimira was a foreigner. In this way, the reader was able to learn about both her native land of Tiansher, as well as the local land of Lorinar.

Another favorite aspect was the characters. Nimira is strong-willed and likeable, and I absolutely adored Erris. He was a gentleman, but also very full of emotion. It is interesting to me that the author was able to effectively show his emotions, even though he didn't have to ability to speak or move freely.

One drawback for me was the ending. I already knew that there was a sequel planned, but that didn't hinder my disappointment that the ending was incomplete. In many ways, the ending felt like the beginning of an adventure, rather than a resolution. While I wouldn't completely call it a cliff-hanger, it was definitely not a full ending.

I highly recommend this book to those who enjoys an interesting and fanciful read. I cannot wait to continue the story with the sequel, Magic Under Stone.

Happy reading!


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