Monday, June 21, 2010

Middle Grade Monday: Quantum Prophecy

Quantum Prophecy: The Awakening, by Michael Carroll

Publisher: Puffin Books
Pages: 264
Reading Level: 10 and Up
Enjoyment Level: High

As some of you know, I am always on the lookout to find good books for boys. I have several on my shelf right now, but I’ve noticed that it’s becoming easier to find them. It was definitely easy to pick this one up, and it was more than easy to read it.

All the superheroes and supervillains disappeared ten years ago, so Danny and Colin are shocked when they discover their own powers. They’re even more surprised when they learn about a prophecy, foretold by one of the old superheroes. Now, the two boys will need to figure out all they can in order to save themselves from losing everything they know and love.

Quantum Prophecy is fast-paced, and interesting. It was really nice to get a “paranormal” book that had nothing to do with vampires, werewolves, or ghosts. And superheroes aren’t super-trendy right now, either, so reading this was quite refreshing for me.

The characters are fun. The viewpoints shift around a bit too much for my preference, but not to the point where it was confusing at all. The two boys that the story centers around are easy to like and cheer for as they encounter their conflicts. Even though I’m not a boy, I feel like boys will find these characters relatable.

The plot is very interesting, also. Like it suggests in the title, there is a prophecy, though it’s all revealed slowly and there are still nuances missing – which makes me interested to read further in the series. Plenty of action surrounds the characters and the plot. I will say that I was slightly disappointed in some of the more predictable aspects of the book, but it still wasn’t enough to make me say I didn’t like the overall story.

I highly recommend this one to young boys. So, parents, or aunts and uncles, if you’re looking for one that would make a good gift, get Quantum Prophecy. It’s still flying under the radar, but I think the concept is fresh enough and the characters are interesting enough that it’ll soon gain a good following.

Until next time, go read something!

~ Vilate

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  1. These books aren't just for boys! I'm a girl, and I loved them!! Have you read Super Human? It's about what happened before. You should check out my blog for some more great books...