Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sci-Fi Saturday: The Dark Life

The Dark Life, by Kat Falls

Published by: Scholastic, Inc.
Pages: 297
Reading Level: 10 and up
Enjoyment Level: Medium-High

This is just a random book I picked up at the store a few weeks ago. I liked that it has a male main character. And I liked the cover, so really, how could I lose?


In this futuristic coming-of-age tale, 15-year-old Ty has spent his whole life in a deep-sea colony on the ocean floor. His family and the other pioneers provide fish and other food for the Commonwealth citizens who live aboveground in stacked cities following earthquakes and tsunamis that destroyed much of the Earth. The pioneers chafe under the harsh rule of the Commonwealth, a situation made worse when those who live subsea are charged with capturing a gang of pirates that has been terrorizing Commonwealth ships and pioneer homesteads. Ty is swept up in the hunt for the bandits when Gemma, a "Topsider" orphan, comes to his community to search for her missing brother, who may have ties to the pirates.

The beginning was a bit slow-going for me, but it picked up a few chapters in and I enjoyed the dynamic between the characters. Ty is a great character for boys to relate to. He is a great big brother. His relationships are natural and they grow with his own growth as a character. The author does a great job of making readers care about Ty and his situation.

The plot leaves a little to be desired at the end, where things happen really fast. It feels like the author was rushed to get the story finished, and a lot of things that needed explaining in a logical way ended up simplistic. But up until the last couple of chapters, the mystery and details were amazing, and it kept me interested the whole way. I’d even be interested in reading a sequel, if there is one.

I feel comfortable recommending this book to boys, for sure, as I think that even reluctant readers will keep reading until the end.

Until next time, go read something!

~ Vilate


  1. Funny, I just heard someone book talk this recently, and saw it in the store, and now your review. So far people are feeling mixed about it.

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