Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We won an award!

Now that we've been blogging for a while, we finally won an award! :) Thanks to Lost in Believing for thinking of YALR! I'm so excited. Probably more than I should be, lol!

So I guess now it's time to fulfill my part of the award by sharing seven things about myself. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be things most people don't know, but I'll assume not. I don't know if there are seven things to share, otherwise! ^_^

  • I collect Babysitter's Club books. I have about 70 of them right now.
  • Dragons are my favorite mythical creature and they have been since I read my first Anne McCaffrey novel.
  • I love to watch Friends, even though I've seen every episode several times now.
  • I paint ceramics, and I'm attempting to get into painting canvas.
  • I have a record player, and I still use it!
  • I've always loved to write, but I started getting serious about it when Order of the Phoenix came out.
  • My favorite movie is Empire Records.

And I'm also supposed to pass this award on to fifteen other bloggers, however, at this point, I think we're all running out of people who haven't gotten it yet. lol. So I'm at least going to try getting ten bloggers into this list.

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Enjoy, everyone!


  1. Haha congrats on your award! You guys seriously haven't gotten award before I gave you this one?! Geez ! People are blind!